International Theatre Institute ITI is recruiting for the following positions for its headquarters in Shanghai/ China:

News 24 December 2014

Call for residence Walpurgis

To all singers, musicians, composers, actors, artists and so on who engage in experimental work in the musical-theatre genre, the Walpurgis musical-theatre company is offering a 2 to 3-week residence at deFENIKS between May and September 2015, plus the opportunity to present their research/work/project during the 2015 Feniks Festival.

News 01 December 2014

The Art of Impact - kick-off

The Performing Arts Fund NL’s new programme, ‘Fast Forward: talent in international context’, will launch on 1 January 2014. Through this programme, the Fund gives talented makers the opportunity to work under the supervision of an international host for some time. The programme will run for three years, from 2014 through 2016. The Minister of Culture has made an amount of 1.1 million euros available for the programme.